At your service…


Owner & the creative genius behind our atmosphere, Krysta’s life is dedicated to creating and holding sacred space, in service to all. Krysta is also a medical intuitive, psychic reader and theta healing master.


Sol loves to entertain guests with his jokes and magic tricks. He’s also the best french toast maker in the house. In the winter he spends all of his free time snowboarding and talking about snowboarding, maybe if you’re fast enough you can catch him on the slopes!


Yoga teacher and outdoor enthusiast! She loves working creatively with the energetic body through intentions of healing as a physical practice, utilizing nature to support this process. Open-hearted to all inquiries whether it be on self work or curiosity on the land and it’s endless possibilities of exploration!


Born and raised in the Green Mountains, Ricky has always called Vermont home. He is one of our resident Certified yoga instructors with a passion for movement medicine. Whether it be on the mat, dancing, or snowboarding down one of Bolton Valley’s runs…… you will see Ricky constantly on the move. Also fascinated by Sustainable building and a carpenter by trade, he loves to fix, build and create!


Resident massage therapist and wandering sadhu, he feels equally at home in the Green Mountains of VT and the Himalayas of India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Benj loves practicing Buddhist psychology, grounding meditation, and Hawaiian massage. He is on a mission to help all beings reach their highest potential!


Our elusive feline friend, Minka often disappears into the woods for days at a time. Consider yourself lucky if you catch a glimpse of her. She can be aloof at times, but if you rub her lower back, you’ll be her new best friend!