Creative Arts Center

Express your creativity @ Our Creative Arts Center

Greetings! Welcome to our ART Project of  LOVE! 

My name is Gabriel.  

Are you interested in the creative healing arts? 

How do you Express yourself ?

How would you like to express the creative intelligence within you ?

Here @ Lotus Mountain Retreat, We hold space for all who wish to heal and create art together. Our creative practice is integral in our individual and collective transformation. 

I know from experience that when we encourage and empower others through our example of +being, taking steps forward with awareness, care and WE are creating the world that we envision, we will see our master peace emerge

from the inside out!  Each moment is an opportunity to share our gifts with all life , so that we all thrive together. 

Look for details coming soon or ask to speak with me @ (802) 434 -6500

Meet Up Group

Are you interested meeting up ? Feel Free to call ahead to schedule a time to speak with our A-Team for more information. We will BE posting Meetup group information asap. 

Stay tuned for more updates and/or call