A warm bowl of organic vegan chile and homemade cornbread. Come for the Chile stay for the friends

Lotus Cafe and Kombucha Bar

A Unique Dining Experience

Nourish yourself with all-organic vegan ingredients, fresh, non-GMO foods.  Locally-sourced whenever possible.

We are committed to healthy eating. Fortunately, organic foods taste better too!

Everything we serve is ALWAYS ORGANIC! 

Lotus Cafe serves breakfast buffet for guests, & dinner daily, by reservation.

Reservations are required because everything is created fresh in-house. From salad dressings to soups and more.

Meals have scheduled serving times: 

Breakfast buffet from 9 to 10 AM. 

Dinners from 6 to 8 PM. Ask for availability if you have needs outside of these times.

Breakfast is usually $10 per person. 

Dinner is usually $15 per person. 

Guests can sign up for meals at check-in or let us know during the day if you plan on having any meals with us.

Please let our cooks know if you have special dietary needs. Gluten-free alternatives are typically available.

You can Reserve your table from this webpage, or call us at (802) 434 - 6500

Complimentary  coffee from Organic Vermont Coffee company and a selection of organic and fair trade teas and herbal blends are available.

We have a refrigerator near the tea service area with nut-milk creamer for your coffee. You can also store small quantities of personal food in there.

Our beverage bar offers several varieties of local, on-tap organic kombucha from a local Vermont brewer, KIS Kombucha www.kiskombucha.com.

KIS Kombucha began as an experiment in Andras’ kitchen.  An avid kombucha drinker, he was curious to see if he could create a light and refreshing kombucha that would be approachable by everyone while still retaining the myriad health benefits so well known to kombucha.

He started by brewing kombucha for the local health food store and vending at farmers’ markets.  The demand was clear and the feedback was so positive, that soon KIS was growing.  You will know why when you come by and taste these kombuchas!

Tasty Vegan Chili and Cornbread- Every Thursday Night

Drop in and hang out with the neighbors and your ski buddies. Enjoy a great bowl of warm chili.  Bring your acoustic music instruments and jam with us.  Each week you show up at Lotus you'll get a ticket for the drawing that happens at the end of the month. Great prizes! What a great way to spend a nice winter evening. 

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Fresh, local, organic and always nutritious and delicious!

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