"Come Up for Air!" to Lotus Mountain Retreat


Vegan Cook

We have a fully furnished plant based and animal cruel free commercial kitchen AND a small charming Cafe.  Our cook will have experience in preparing a wide  variety of foods. Their previous successes will be verifiable. They are able to access a large network of professionals. And they are healthy, hospitable, lovable, and cooperative. 

Offering – This is a work-trade offering.  The compensation value is estimated to be a savings of about $2,000 a month that you do not need to spend on living expenses. The business takes care of all lodging, utilities, internet, organic vegan meals and personal care items such as laundry, soap etc. In addition, we offer a small stipend for personal use. (Note: If you have other personal expenses beyond the stipend, you will need to have another source of income to cover these additional expenses, such as car payments, medical insurance, et cetera, etc..)

Accommodations – You will have your own private room and private bathroom with a combination shower/tub. Will have access to all of the amenities here such as the sauna, hot tub, and yoga studio. Discounts on kombucha and items in our retail shop. While driving for the company you will be insured. 

Requirements: No smokers. No hard alcohol. Must be willing and open to learn or take courses with the other staff on communication, co-creation, and cooperative business operations. 

Enrollment Process: Notify us by phone or email. Be willing to come for a site visit and a trial period. We want to have a two-way interview process, so come with your questions! Have a workable exit plan. 


Work /Trade

Ski Cheap, Sleep Free, Eat Well, Work Trade

Sometimes we have things to move around.

For just a few hours of your energy and kindness, you can help Lotus Mountain Retreat maintain our beautiful Inn and earn discount ski passes at Bolton Valley Ski Resort, stay for free in our Hostel, and eat a delicious organic vegan meal. 

Sometimes we need to shovel snow.

Sometimes we have snow to shovel.

Sometimes we have meals to serve.

Sometimes we have meals to serve.

Sometimes we have beds to make and rooms to clean

Sometimes we have beds to make.

Sometimes we need dog sitters.

Sometimes we need a dog sitter.

For your kindness - stay in our Hostel for free.

What ever we need, your kindness will help us out. Stay in our Hostel for free. Eat Well. Good Trade